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Who was Keith Green?

(Note!  10/99  and 10/2000   press releases noted about LDM below)

For those not familiar with him, Keith Green was a prophet in the 70's who challenged the Church in America at the time to not compromise the meat of the gospel. He was a gifted musician, and produced records for the Body of Christ which he either gave away for free or for a nominal donation, since he did not believe that Christian ministries should be money oriented. Although he tried holding concerts at churches, he found this too limiting to his ministry due to the fragmented doctrines and agendas of the various churches and their leaders. Thereafter, he preached and sang outside of church walls. Shortly before his death, Keith Green traveled throughout the country giving concerts with a prophetic message, calling many Americans to the mission field. He died in a fatal plane crash along with other friends and some of his children at an early age, seemingly at the height of his ministry. Many, many Christians who were touched by his ministry mourned his death all across the United States.

In 1977, Keith and Melody Green had started a ministry in Lindale, Texas called Last Days Ministries. This ministry printed many teaching and ministry tracts, and distributed these plus Keith's records. "Last Days Ministries" also began a Christian discipleship program for new Christians. After Keith's death, the ministry was carried on by his widowed wife, Melody. Melody remarried and her new husband also continued the work. Last Days Ministries worked with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in its focus on the mission field. Melody was also extensively involved in ministry regarding the abortion issue.


In December, 1995, Melody and her husband Andrew began to hear "an unexpected message from the Lord about LDM" saying "God reminded us that new wine can't be put into old wineskins. LDM was structured to reach a specific generation -- and to mesh with the way God was moving in the 70's and 80's. In the 90's we kept restructuring to keep fresh. We finally realized that whatever changes LDM could make, would still not be radical enough to contain God's next outpouring -- which will be greater than anything we've ever seen. The Lord just wanted us to turn in our old wineskin." They sent out a press release (with those quotes contained) regarding the closure of Last Days Ministries

New information about Last Days Ministries (as of 1999):

Date sent:       Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:58:13 -0500
From:            Last Days Ministries <>

Subject:         None


Dear Friends,

Hi!  My name is Betty and I'm on staff at Last Days Ministries.  Yes, we still have an office open as it seems God is not letting our ministries close altogether.  Melody and Andrew Sievright are now living in California, but our office in Texas is still here (albeit smaller than it was).

I really appreciate your continued interest in the messages of Keith Green and I noticed that you did link to our Web Site.  However, since we are now in the process of expanding our ministry outreach again, we would ask that you delete the press release information that is under "" as it is no longer current information.

We are now greatly enlarging our Web Site.  We'll be offering more ministry materials, Christian articles, opportunities to interact with fellow Christians, opportunities for non-believers to learn more about Jesus, etc. It will be like an online Newsletter and much much more.  Later, as the Lord leads, we'll be doing other projects and events.

Please check our Site in a few months to see these changes begin to happen!

Your confirmation of deleting the press release information would be appreciated (it was issued more than three years ago).

Thank you.

Betty Daffin
Office Manager

Last Days Ministries

Well, since that press release was mailed to us by Last Days Ministries, we did't really feel right about deleting the info altogether, but we posted the above, and new update (year 2000) below

And a new update from LDM:

From:            Last Days Ministries <>

October 11, 2000

Dear Robert,

[snip] The link to our new Site is a blessing and I appreciate your desire to keep Keith's music and message available to many who visit your Site.

Anyway, things have changed a lot in a year.  We are a cyber-staff now, with small offices in Texas (for correspondence), Idaho (for order fulfillment) and California (accounting).  We sold the large ranch to Teen Mania in 1996.  Melody Green, the President of Last Days Ministries (LDM), is deeply saddened to report that her marriage to Andrew Sievright is coming to an end.  Soon after their 1991 marriage, the couple began marriage counseling and have continued to seek restoration and reconciliation for the past eight years.  At the end of February, Andrew filed for a divorce in response to Melody's January petition for a legal separation.

Melody is the widow of Keith Green, who died in a tragic plane crash along with two of their young children in 1982.  The couple founded LDM in 1977.  Melody oversees the Last Days Ministries Magazine and the newly designed LDM web site (

Again, thanks for your continued love and concern.

Yours in Christ,
Betty Daffin
Last Days Ministries

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